QACS Membership with IPC

QACS is a Full Member of the International Personnel Certification Association (IPC)

IPC was founded in 1995 as the International Auditor and Training Certification Association (IATCA), and its role and name had changed in Chicago in the year of 2003 to International Personnel Certification Association (IPC) in order to adapt to market demands for versatile auditor certification.

The main activity of IPC is to develop a certification system for professionals.

IPC has been approved by the IAF through the Code of Conduct and as an Association Member of the IAF, it is carrying out works of internationally recognized training institutions and personnel certification.

QACS has obtained IPC approval for personal certification and designation of training Provider. In addition, QACS is a full member of IPC and has been recognized internationally as an individual certification and training Provider designation scheme by concluding MLA, QACS continues to evolve through certification of a wide range of standards and the designation of a wide range of training Providers.

QACS has obtained accreditation from IPC for the designation of individual certification and training Providers.

QACS has established MLA with several reputable overseas institutions through IPC.