About Us

QACS International is a world wide personnel and training certification body.

The function of personnel certification body is to undertake and independent assessment to individual, training, experience, demonstrated knowledge and skills applicable to the area for which the certification is awarded. A Personnel Certification Body is an organization that awards credentials to individuals meeting specific competence requirements relating to a profession, an occupation, a job or a portion of a job. A personnel certification body develops criteria against which an individual needs to demonstrate competencies and ensures that these criteria are held by applicants before certifying them.

Most personnel certification bodies offer professional certification if an individual meets requirement such as a minimum number of years of related working experience, minimum education level and having passed a certification exam or equivalent.

“QACS has approved from Lead Auditor Training Courses from USA approved Global Exemplar earlier Known as RAB QSA” now QACS is able to provide Lead auditor training courses with the logo and approval of Global Exemplar world renowned training provider


QACS International is accredited from IAS (International Accreditation Services) for Personnel certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 & ISO 27001 as Lead auditor/ Auditor.

QACS International is also the full member of IPC with MLA signatory for training of ISO 9001,14001,45001,22000,27001.

Other areas’ certification schemes are currently under development in order to meet the need and request from industry. Personnel certification program is a mean to certify individual’s knowledge within a specific subject area by conducting an assessment to measure competence of an individual by objectively identified criteria, and then providing formal recognition that is universally acceptable.